9 Qualities That Women Of 21th Century Must Have To Deal The Challenging world !

As the generations are passing on we encounter a drastic change in every aspect of life – from the food we eat to clothes we wear, work we do, and accent while we talk and walk. Revolution in one sector influences direct and indirect dependent factories.  Certainly, we will be talking about revolutionary change in women’s life.

Well long back women that were considered fit for only household chores now ride bikes, some are doctors some are engineer, some paint, some dance some even fly planes up high in the sky. Every woman now is engaged in some work other than household chores.


Today a widow is remarried and we see no one practicing “sati”. The girl child is encouraged for higher education the same as boys. Women contribute to the national building by either being a part of the government or just by voting for the rightful representative.

No woman is now deprived of having facilities or opportunities she wishes to have.

But with the opportunities there comes responsibilities and duties. As women have to play diverse roles they need to have certain qualities to stand by and deal with the changing world.


This picture which I came across while I was scrolling through the internet gives a deep message to all of us. There it is when I say diverse roles. As we move ahead with the time challenges reach up to the next level. And we have to have certain qualities to match the change.

Learn To Be Multitasking

We sometimes wonder if we could buy more time than the 24 hours that we get every day. In21th century you cannot have a sequential way of approach to your work. Learn to have a parallel way of approach. At times you won’t be able to priorities one out of two. It may seem equally important and so you should be multitasking.

Remember multitasking doesn’t mean overload yourself with lots and lots of work at a time .this will affect the quality of output. Pair tasks that can supplement each other like you can cook or do household chores while you check your voice messages .

Know Your Strength And Weaknesses

Ask yourself what I am good at and what do I lack in? Answer to this question will help you in many ways. Knowing your strength will help you to know who you are and what you are good at. This will open up opportunities to you in the fields of your interests. Knowing your weakness will help you to take a calculated risk.

Your interest in work depends on how much you enjoy it. If you perform well and get good returns you are certainly going to like the work. And you can perform well if you know your strength to focus on and weaknesses to avoid mistakes.

Keep Learning

Learning here doesn’t mean academic studies. Learning should never end. If you keep learning you can easily adapt to unexpected changes both at your job/ work and even at home. You have job security because you can meet the demand for new skills and access to more opportunities. If you keep learning you indirectly secure your job.

Be A Keen Observer

Every female whether working or not should be a keen observant. The more you observe you can have great perception and a wider view of things. Observation will help you to identify necessary threats. For women, security is a major concern. Women must observe their surroundings to avoid unwise actions.

Have A Positive Attitude

What sounds good – A half-full glass or half empty, this is the difference. When you have a positive attitude you see things in a different and better way. The half-full glass will motivate you to see the good in things. Whereas half-empty glass will pass on negative vibes. Females pose a collaborative work style. They are more adaptive and have greater patience. Having a positive attitude work as a motivation for co-workers. Having a positive attitude is one of the best qualities of a team leader. If you stay positive, motivate the team this will open up managerial opportunities for you.

Trust Yourself And Your Action

At times you may be questioned for your actions by the higher authorities or the competitors. This does not mean you start doubting yourself and your decisions. Think and take the decision carefully. Once you have set your actions , be firm about what you have planned. Do not let others down your morals.

Yes, you are supposed to be open to criticisms but that too healthy criticisms. You should be smart enough to differentiate who is questioning for better output and who is questioning for sake of personal benefit.

Make The Best Use Of Your Sixth Sense

Practically we have five senses. But women’s ability to have intuition is never questioned. When you move out of your home you should not be vulnerable to attacks. Attacks can be both mentally like at the corporate level or physical. One must be able to see the real face behind the mask.

This does not mean you have to keep judging people. Just use your sixth sense for your safety and not to judge others.


Give Away The Habit Of Gossiping

Some say gossiping is something women are fond of. Let me put it simple way “Empty minds are fond of gossiping” Taking a deep interest in someone’s personal life, talking about it to other’s and passing comments is wrong. This is an indirect way to invade someone’s privacy. One, gossiping will waste your time and energy that you can use for some productive work, and second with this habit people might find you interesting entertainment but will never trust you.

Stick To Your Roots

Yes of course now women work as men do. They step out of the house and earn for their families. But yet the role of binding the family together majorly lies on the female in the family. You can say that if the man is the trunk of the tree the woman is the root of the tree. Both play an equal role to grow and flower the tree. Though roots are the unseen part of the tree yet have a major role to play.

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