Raji An Ancient Epic – First Indian Origin Game 2020

Gaming the most wanted and populated sector of all generation. Every person is engaged into gaming in some or the other ways. Today we will be reading about one such game that has it’s origin from India.

Raji is the first Indian origin based developed game which is developed by the Nodding Heads Games based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. 

An interesting fact about this company is this game is developed by less than 10 developers who are from the big bull of gaming industries like Rockstar, Sony, Ubisoft, EA 

This game is developed on the concept of ancient mythology like Greek, Japanese .

In this game, the story begins when asure (devil and his followers) rises on earth and to stop them from harming humanity lord Shiva gives her power, and gods Durga guide her in her journey.

To give uniqueness the storyline in the game cut videos was displayed in Rajasthan (a state in India) with a famous Rajasthan puppet show and the traditional Indian music with the traditional weapon like Trishul and ancient fighting technique which makes this game interest on another level.

Which type of gamers like this game?

The gamers who like storyline game or ancient mythologies game like Prince of Persia, monkey king.

Struggles of the developer

In 2017 they founded the Nodding Heads it has 3 founding members.

After founding the company they started a Kick-starter campaign but as you all know that game development is a very costly business and didn’t get the funding as they expected so they used their saving to develop the game instead of taking help from anyone .

But when it comes to publishing and marketing the game they again suffer financial crises and for that, they started searching for a publisher(the purpose of the publisher is to help the product manufacturer in financial terms so they can market the product on a global scale )in the end they found the publisher company Super.com(it’s a UK based indie game publisher organization )after that the game development started in full speed but because of a low count of developers the pre-production got started in July 2020

Facts about game RAJI-

1)this in Indian origin game but because of the budget issue they can’t implement all Indian language because of that this game only contains only one audio language English and subtitle for other languages like(Russian, Spanish, etc.)

2) This game won many awards like –

Display winner of the best game of the show 2019

Display the winner of the best visuals 2019

Unreal Grant underdog nominee

You can purchase this game from –

1) Steam:-https://store.steampowered.com/app/730390/Raji_An_Ancient_Epic/

2) Epic game:- https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/raji-an-ancient-epic/home

3) PlayStation

4) Xbox

Indian mythology is not touched by game developing organization but buy seeing RAJI the expectations are Indian and mythologies game lovers are rising I hope we will see more game-like RAJI in the future and I admire the struggle of Nodding Heads that by facing those struggle they still manage to successfully launch the game on a global scale.


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