Top 6 Easy Tips To Create Positive Environment In Your Home

Why do you need a positive environment in your surrounding ??

Home– The only place where one feels truly relaxed is your home. No matter how much time you spend at home, more or less it has a greater impact on your mood and behaviour. Clean, bright and cheerful environment instantly fills you with enormous energy but on the other hand, the messy, unclean and dull house will have an adverse impact. A home is a place which acts as a caretaker and hence it’s appearance matters the most.

There are few easy ways to bring on positive energy into your home. Top 6 easy tips to create positive environment in your home are listed below-

1. Natural Sunlight

Yes, this is the most important and the easiest way to drive positive energy to your homes. Sunlight stimulates vitamin D which indirectly boost your mood and make you feel happier. Let the sun rays peep into your home from all possible doors and windows. Let the sun brighten your house. It not only stimulates vitamin D but also kills germs. Sunlight act as antibacterial agent killing the germs and preventing illness.

To enhance the effects on sunlight open the curtains and windows, clean the glass windows timely and do not place any obstruction that will restrict sunlight from entering in.

2. Invite Nature In

Have you ever thought why do we greet an ill person with a bunch of flowers?? That is because the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers have a direct impact on the emotions and the mental state of the person. There are dozens of benefits why we should be incorporating indoor plants in our homes. First, the most important benefits are the air, plants play a major role in purifying the air. It improves quality and provides fresh air to breath. If you look at this as a home decor perspective it is surely the best way to give your home a beautiful and decent look. The light green colour creates a calm environment.

Do you enjoy chirping of birds?? Of Course yes we all enjoy listening to their beautiful songs. You can place bird feeders near the window. There are bird feeders in a variety of colours and shapes. Hang them near your window and enjoy watching and listening to a variety of bird species.

On the other hand, beautiful colourful flowers and it’s fragrance will make the environment happier.

3. Light After Sunset

The sunlight can’t reach up to every corner of your home. After the sunset, the room as the room is poorly lit up it may appear dull and depressing. Turning on light like tube lights or lamps at the proper time will help to maintain the environment and make the room feel lively. Enough light will make the room look brighter and clean.

4.Open Windows

What do we do when we feel bored, tired or anxious?? We prefer to get out of the house and make a move on the street, into nature to feel the fresh air. It instantly helps to reduce anxiety also helps to lower the blood pressure. But what if we get the same fresh and airy environment at home. Your homes should have enough windows to let the fresh air in. most of the time we keep door and windows close and prefer to have air conditioners for clean and fresh air.

But do you think that air conditioners are better than natural air? Off course not, air conditioners cause a sudden change in humidity and temperature of the room which may lead to respiratory problems. Continuous use of air conditioners causes problems like dry skin and your body becomes intolerant of hot summer temperature.

5. Wall Paint

What colour you choose to paint the walls also has a direct impact on look and feel of the house. If you have placed artworks, paintings, frames and antic showpieces it is obvious to choose a paint colour that should support your artwork and show peace. Try to avoid primary colours like red, yellow. This gives a vibrant look.

Prefer colours like green or blue it instantly gives the room a fresh look. Colours you choose should be in sync with light. It should not happen so that the room appear too bright or too dull in presence or absence on the light. Instead of painting all 4 walls of the same colour, paint a wall with the unique colour of your choice.

Correct colour choice can make the room look more lively, fresh and energetic.

6. Room Fresheners

Along with look and feel, what else matters is the smell. We usually get irritated with a foul smell. To enhance the positivity of the environment we can make use of room freshness. Preferably natural room fresheners like flowers. If not available you can use essence sticks. Try to avoid room freshener that emits CFC (cholo-fluoro-carbon). A pleasant smell will cherish the environment and enhance the mood.

Remember your environment has a direct impact on your work and behaviour. The more healthy environment you live in more productive you will be. These are few tips on how you can bring on positive energy to your home. Try to inculcate these tips and do let me know if you get that positive vibes.


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