How Do We Disclose Our Privacy To The Hackers?

Are You Really Safe online ??

Hey guys welcome back, today I am going to drive you guys on the ride of non-technical aspects of Privacy Disclosure. It is so shocking that the amount of critical information we put on the internet is all need for someone to broke into your account and steal your sensitive information. But before we understand how they do it, I want to create the appropriate picture of the hacker in your mind.

Who are Hackers?

Typically in today’s world, hackers are referred to as thieves or robbers who trick the normal person like you and me to disclose our credentials to them. They have very good communication skills and a very sweet tone which makes us trust them and share the information.

But technically these are not hackers, these are only people who have one skill of the hacker which is known as social engineering. And yes these guys were some trouble for the normal internet users but now in the current scenario, we are pretty familiar with these types of guys. And most of us are not the bait for them.

Now, who are hackers?

Let me put it in the point-wise.

  • Hacker is the technical person who is pretty much similar to the developers of the website, application, software, hardware, etc. but with a different mindset.
  • So as these dudes have the technical knowledge, they know how the particular application or software works under the deep.
  • The mindset which separates them from developers is that they are always in search of the vulnerabilities of application to break the application or software. Whereas developers are focused on building the software and provide ease to their customers.
  • They have one more additional skill known as Social Engineering in which they are taught to trick the users to give them their credentials.

Now the biggest myth is all hackers are meant for cybercrimes.

But it is not the things that happen in the Information Technology Industries. Just like developers, the hackers are also paid for their skill which is to secure the application for their customers.

But in the end, not every mind can think white, some hackers use their skills for their profit in an illegal way.

From where hackers can obtain our information?

Technically Hackers not really need to dive that deeper into our devices for our basic and critical information and the reason is that we do provide our information globally without thinking who might use it for mal purpose.

So Now Let’s see how they get all the information.

  • First of all I am gonna start with our best friend Mr. Social Media(Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) .Every hacker need to search for the information of the target before they start attacking them and this phase is known as reconnaissance.

Now let’s suppose you are having birthday today, you enjoyed all your day with the friends and family and boost your birthday with the some photo-shoots. Now after getting at home you logged into the social media and post your photos publicly or may be status on the Whatsapp and thanking your friends for such a good treat. If unfortunately you are the target of any cyber-criminal and you both are common in some social circle, he just got the your birth date i.e(day and month). Now in the other post you just stated that ‘Today I turned into 18’ now you also disclosed your(year). Again if you can keep posts for your birth day then surely you gonna keep your Parents Birthday posts with the gift you have presented them. This will disclose their birthdate and may also their favorite item as you are presenting it on the birthday.

Similarly in the form of social media post we disclose many of our credentials like favorite color/food dish, nick name, about college life, about your family/loving person etc. And even some of us do post about their parents anniversary details.

what can hacker do with this information?

Simple it is, he gonna prepare simple brute forcing password key list with adding some special case letters and combination of all the information he obtained. And this will sounds creepy but most of the time it actually works.

But wait it doesn’t stops here.

Remember these are technical guys. Since they now have access to your devices or any account, they will prepare some worms or computer viruses which will replicate them self when it hit another target just like you. Also they will keep the program known as updater so that in the future if you changed your password they will get updates of it easily.

If in case they had hacked your router then may be all the connected devices may be compromised including your cell phone printer and computer. Also now in case of network compromised you are vulnerable for man in the middle attacks in which the hacker can see every data flow from your computers to inter or intra networks

  • Another way of disclosing the privacy is to connecting the open, free and non-secured Wi-Fi/hotspots in order to use free data. Actually here the hackers had kept the bait for their target, and they need this because they want to connect their network or devices with the target mobile or computers which will give them IP and MAC of the target on the way go. Also the attack vectors they need to use are quite simple.
  • The second most common way for privacy disclosure is to use the Pirated software for your computers and mobiles. Pirated applications are mostly free if not paid for little cost but may cost you for your privacy. These software come with the installer in order to install the software but here we think that we do already have the anti-virus running on our computers. Yes anti-virus are working perfectly and fine, they scanned the software and got not suspicion from the software. But when you do install that software you will do it with the admin privilege and so the program will run on higher privilege than anti-virus while installing and may target directly anti-virus too. Also some time some hackers do re-encryption of their viruses so that their signature will change and the anti-virus will not be triggered.

Hope you guys enjoyed my todays blog and was a little informative. There are not only these ways of privacy disclosure, every day it’s a new day for us and our invention guys.

So until next time take care and browse safely.


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