How to Treatment PCOS |PCOS Diet and Health Tips

Are You Diagnosed With PCOS/PCOD??

To know what exactly PCOS is , how it is caused and what further complication you may face if not treated –

PCOS Causes , Symptoms And Complications

Basics of a PCOS Diet

Eating healthy is not enough. Even if you follow a strict diet but it is also very important to eat food at the proper intervals and at the proper time. A proper consistency in the intake of food is a must. There are other things you must follow. Few are listed below:

Choose High-Quality fiber

It is found that females with PCOD are likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. For a diabetic diet, it is important to have food that is rich in carbohydrates. Higher is the carbohydrate more it helps to stabilize blood sugar.

 Balanced Diet

This is another very important thing to remember. A balanced diet is very important for women with PCOD. To keep your body in a neutral state it is important to consume a well-balanced diet. As in the female body which has resistance to insulin balanced diet will help in glucose to reach the body cells for energy. As a result let insulin will reach the bloodstream, minimizing the androgen (male hormone).

Consistent Routine / Regular Meal Times

You mustn’t skip meals.  York has to maintain blood sugar level and if you skip the meal is will not stabilize sugar level proper diet, consistent routine and regular mealtime will support proper androgen production.

Nutrient-Rich Food, High in Vitamins and Minerals –

All you have to take care of is maintain insulin level. The more you consume food rich in nutrients like – Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium Vitamin D, and Vitamin B more it will help to maintain and manage insulin level decreasing the severity of PCOS.

Suggested diet plan for PCOD

Try to divide your diet chart as much as possible. Instead of having your food 3 times a day make it 5 or more if possible. Along with time divide the meal too. This does not mean you consume more food. This will avoid maximum intake at one time.

Here is a diet chart suggested for you:

Breakfast : 8 am

Egg, Idli, Poha, Upma, Oats Preferably With Milk, a Glass Of Milk, Paratha (made of cabbage, potato, leafy vegetables, etc.) with Chutney (made of coriander, peanuts, Jira)

Morning Snack : 10:30 am

Buttermilk, Tea (a regular cup), Dry Fruits (walnuts recommended) And Coconut Water (rest recommended)

 Lunch: 1:30 / 2 pm

Salad, Tomato, Beetroot, Radish, Cucumber, Carrot, Daal, Rice, One Vegetable And If Possible Curd

Evening Snack: 5 pm

Peanuts, Egg, Salad, Chana Chat, Wheat Biscuits And Tea (You can repeat anything you had at the time of morning snacks)

Dinner: 7 PM

Salad (Cucumber/Beetroot/Carrots) + Daal / Sabji (vegetable) Rice /   Khichdi, Roti

Lifestyle Guidelines:

  1. You can have a glass of milk before you sleep at night. This will help you to sleep well. PCOD tends to affect sleep. But on the other hand, it is recommended to have a proper 7 hours sleep. A glass of milk before bedtime will make you fall asleep.
  2. If you are deprived of having proper sleep it is observed that your body tends to overheat the following day. This leads to obesity or overweight gain leading to PCOS symptoms
  3. Have a plan for which veggies you are going to have in a week. This will help you to eat a wide variety of vegetables.
  4. Avoid consumption of ready to eat of packed food these contains preservative and are not good for your health
  5. Women with PCOS should give also consider physical activities. This will help the body to consume and regulate glucose levels. You can work out in the morning or evening before you have morning snacks or evening snacks. This might make you feel hungry.
  6. Exercise or daily workout for 30 can improve insulin efficiency, help in weight loss, and prevent complications such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer.
  7. Your diet should include whole grains, Daal, milk products, fish, egg, paneer, cheese, flax seeds, walnuts, and green veggies these are best recommended for PCOS diet
  8. Females with PCOS should be able to manage their stress levels. Stress can lead to increase insulin resistance and causing diabetes. You can do yoga or meditation to manage stress
  9. Minimize the consumption of coffee. Coffee is rich in caffeine which increases estrogenic level.

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