6 Simple And Easy To Do Home Decor Tips For This Diwali 2020

Diwali Special Home Decor Tips !

Diwali – the festival of colours. Every year Diwali is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in India. Festivals are not only celebrated as a part of the traditional ritual but also to cherish the joy of togetherness. On the occasion of Diwali festival. We wear clean and beautiful clothes, cook a variety of delicious food, visit our loved ones and greet them.

But what else is more awaited? The Diwali decoration!

We clean our house, and beautifully decorate it with lights and lamps, garlands and rangoli. And hang bright coloured lantern at the entrance. It is very true to say – the place we live in has a greater impact on our behaviour and mood. Right from the wall paint colour to curtains, bedsheets and the showpieces affect our mood. A perfect surrounding in our workplace or home makes us feel happier. It can boost our productivity and make us more creative.

So do you have any plans on how to decorate your home this Diwali? Here are some home decor tips that will help you to create a perfect environment and also give your home an aesthetic look.

1. The Floral Archway (Toran)

The Floral Archway (Toran) hung right at the entrance gives a royal look. These are traditionally called as bandanwaars, used as decoration accessories. These beautiful hanging are the first ones to catch the eyes of the guest or the visitors. The colourful flowers make toran look more beautiful and attractive. Adding green coloured leaves after every 5 flowers adds to its beauty. With the floral toran, it also gives a pleasant fragrance of the flower right at the entrance. Torans give the entrance a friendly look. Torans made of pearls and beads also look beautiful.

2. Colourful rangoli with light lamp

Colourful sand or rangoli at the entrance is an old practice followed since ancient time. It is believed that the colours combinations, shapes and design channelize the energy level. More vibrant colours with sharp edges generate a high level of energy whereas warm colours with rounded edges give comfort feeling. Making rangoli using flower petals gives it a royal touch. Floral rangoli looks like a carpet on the floor. A Diya (lamp) on the floral carpet is like a cherry on top of the cake.

3. Lamps or candles at window pane

Dip the light and place the candles or the lamps on every possible corner and windowpane. This is the most simple and easy way to make your place look simply awesome.

The twinkling effect and the warmth decelerate you and you feel relax. The candles are not simply used for decoration purpose but can also be used as a room freshener. Scented candles can change the aroma and make the environment fresh. The mesmerising aroma and the twinkling light makes you feel relax and cosy.

4. Curtains and bed sheet

As the lamps are set to select the curtains and bed sheet that will glow with the falling light. The silky curtain will glaze as the light will fall over it. Avoid using cotton bed sheet or curtains on such occasion as it will simply look dull in the deep light. Bedsheet and pillow cover with folk touch will add to the beauty of the room. A design like Madhubani art finely weaved on the bedsheet is a perfect blend with the candlelight.

5. Centre of attraction

Place the large glass or antique bowl at the centre of the room. Add some water and fill it up to the brim. The light fall on the water and the water shines as gold. Nothing else will be as beautiful as golden water that will reflect the rooftop. You can add floating candles and flowers to the blow to give it a decent touch. Do not overdo let the water shine through mere gaps.

6. Opaque Lanterns

Lanterns made of colour paper looks more beautiful. You can place a small bulb of light to make it look simply more beautiful. Such lanterns are visible from a far distance. Golden embossment over the paper lantern gives it a rich look. Hang one big lantern and surround it with fairy lights.

Some additional tips:

  • Paint the wall with light colours. It will reflect the light and highlight the things kept in the room.
  • Keep enough space to sit. Face the sofa chair towards the big sofa set. This will help them get to face each other and talk while they have eye contact.
  • Place a carpet under the sofa set. This will make the guest feel comfortable.
  • Don’t place candles at the places close to the furniture or curtains. Hang them or place them high. Recommended at shoulder level.
  • Don’t overdo the fairy lights or any electrical lamps. Let the lamps lights take a lead and brighten the room.
  • Turn tube lights and bulbs off and let the softness of candle and Diya lights make you feel cosy, warm giving a super festive look to your living room.

Wishing You And Your Family A Very Happy And Prosperous Diwali !

Stay Home Stay Safe !


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