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Tips That Can Make Anyone Instantly Like You !!.

We all want to have the limelight. We want people to pay attention to us. To grab on other’s eyes it is important to look confident. Our body of course plays a major role to give us a confident look. Here are some tips on how to appear confident and make people instantly like you!

Real And Genuine Smile

A real and genuine smile is very important to look confident. It not only makes you look confident but grabs the attention of the person you are having a conversation with. Smile instantly makes you look confident. It is a sign that you are open to conversation. Smile is a weapon to showcase your confidence but yet it is not needed in some kind of conversation. Unnecessary smiling might look unpleasant. A real and genuine smile is one where you get wrinkles around your eyes and the end of your mouth face upward, not horizontal.


  • Do not over smile or keep grinning. This makes the person feel unpleasant.

Sticky Eyes

Eye contact is another important thing you have to take care of. Looking at a person while you talk signifies you are confident about your speech. Eye contact also showcases that you are interested to talk. Maintaining eye contact while you deliver your point is the best tip to convince others. Talking to a person with wandering eyes showcase you’re not interested, not confident, and not sure of what you are talking about.


  • Remember you have to maintain eye contact in a way that you should not look like you are steering the person.
  • Decent eye contact that makes the person feel comfortable. And make him/her feel that his/she is a person of greater importance
  • As you end the conversation do not take off your eyes instantly or do not just look away. Take time and reluctantly break the eye contact

Body Posture when you are standing

This is important and should be in parallel with your eye contact. Let your body completely turn towards the person with whom you are talking with. People usually make a mistake by just turning the neck or rotating eyes. Let your entire body face the person. This is a sign that says “Yes I am interested in the conversation”. If you want to place your point remember eye contact with your feet facing the person will draw the complete attention of the listener. This posture also helps you to understand if someone is interested to talk to you or not. If you encounter such a body posture, make a move.


  • Before you initiate the conversation turn your body completely. Don’t turn while you continue to talk.
  • If you are already talking to one person finish the conversation and then start new. If you break the conversation with one and talk to the other. This my showcase that the person you are talking at moment is of lesser importance.
  • Slightly node your head as you talk this will look more responsive.

Body Posture When You Are Sitting

If you have a conversation while you are seated remember not to lean back and talk. Lean your body towards the person with your hand on the table or your thigh. Leaning back showcase you are bored and not interested to talk. And sitting with you back extreme straight will showcase arrogance. In both the posture, the person will feel disrespected.


  • Do not keep your hands too far from your body.
  • Do not break eye contact even after you are seated.
  • Greet the person before you sit and get up after the conversation. Handshake will do.

Chin Up

Walking with your chin down makes you look clumsy. Keep head straight, shoulders stiff, and chin perpendicular to your shoulder while you walk and talk. Head, shoulder chin and eyes should be in sync to give your posture a confident look.

Do Not Fidget

If you move unnecessarily while you talk this will create disturbance in the communication. It will divide the attention of the listener towards your action and speech. Many of us have the habit to fidget. Some may play with things kept around, girls play with hairs or nails. This showcase irresponsible behaviour.


  • Looking here and there, playing with things around showcase that there is a lack of concentration. This also showcases as if you are trying to hide things.
  • Do not play with your mobile phone or engage yourself in any gadget.

Responsive Actions

Move your hands and try to explain. Your hands should be in sync with your speech. If you stand sturdy while you talk it looks less interesting rather boring.  Nodding your head and hand moments show your responsive, alert, and attentive. It showcases a high level of concentration .using hands while you talk is best recommended when you have to deliver a presentation at your workplace.


  • Do not over move. It will divide attention and create disturbance
  • There should not be a jerk in your movements. Flawless moments.

Voice and Pitch

This has a major role to maintain consistency in the conversation. Your voice should be consistent while you talk. We have a habit to end up our conversation with a high or low pitch. High pitch showcase rude behaviour, it shows what you say is correct and no more suggestions are required. Whereas low pitch at the end of the sentence will show you are not sure about what you stated.


  • Conversation in a lower voice is always safe. Loud and harsh voice will be irritating. It might provoke fights.

Do not use “NO” Directly

Yes, even if you do not agree with the person avoid using the word “NO”. . No word pass on negative vibes. Try to put your point or view in a way that will deliver your disapproval without passing on negative vibes. Instead of saying  No It is wrong, say it is incorrect.

A Firm Handshake

Handshake – It is when you pass on an energy level to the next person. You handshake when you meet someone the very first time. If you have a weak handshake it will give a bad impression. Move your hands from the shoulder and not the limp. Keep eye contact as you shake hands and smile.


  • Do not give the person jerk as you shake hands. It may cause muscle injury.
  • Keep your figures close and not wide apart to get tangled.
  • Check your hands before you shake in case you are sweating wipe it with the handkerchief. Shaking hands with wet hands will give a disgusting feeling.


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