Ayurveda |Success Story Of a Medical Entrepreneur

My Journey From a Student To An Entrepreneur..

My Name is Dr. Kedar Joshi. I’m an Ayurveda Medical student and also a “Medical entrepreneur”. I am glad to share my journey from a student to an entrepreneur.

Right from my school days I had this dream of pursuing BAMS – (Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and master of surgery ). I always admired the world of medical science and biology.In the 2nd of BAMS, I got introduced to a subject called RasaShashra and DravyaGuna which is related to ayurvedic pharmacology and medicinal preparation procedures. The vast and interesting knowledge of these two subjects inspired me to dive deep into it and establish an Ayurveda-based startup.

After a wide research and brainstorming sessions with the domain experts, I decided to start something of my own and founded ShreeArogyam Ayurveda on 15th September 2019.

Initially, I discussed with my business mentor and Ayurveda guru Dr. Omprasad Jagtap sir.(BAMS, MD). Dr. Omprasad Jagtap siris a passionate Ayurveda doctor and a businessman. He is my inspiration and one of the strongest pillars of ShreeArogyam Ayurveda. He always has encouraged and empowered me to do something eccentric from others. To embark on my first and strong step, I prepared and launched my first product- Abhyangam Tail(oil). With the amazing success of Abhyangam Tail(oil), we launched “Abhyangam Diwali Healthcare Kit.” right before Diwali last year. This kit comprised every Diwali cosmetic needs, right from Ubtan, Shampoo, Conditioner to Abhyangam Tail(oil).

Success always comes after hard work, obstacles, and efforts. Several hurdles and difficulties tried to dodge my path while managing formulation, raw materials, production, packaging, logistics, marketings, sales, and other essential things. But the success mantra I followed was ‘Never give up’.

  Enhancing and keeping up with the growth of this business while managing day to day studies, college exams, assignments was always a difficult task.

   As a part of the pharmaceutical healthcare industry, we have maintained the purity and salubrity of our products. And that is why we deliver Authentic Ayurveda based products and classical textual formulation along with proprietary formulation based on Ayurveda’s fundamental principles. So the product types and variants we innovate are something unique in the market and fit best with the customer requirements. Based on the orders, we produce and deploy the products and formulations. We provide our products to the practicing doctors also.

In this global crisis, we launched innovatively and tested Immune Plus Tables to improve immunity and also to reduce symptoms of Covid 19. We are also reintroducing Abhyangam Kit along with the Hair Care kit.

 Being a medical and social entrepreneur, I started talking about Ayurveda and medical science through various blogs. I have also conducted several Ayurveda-focused online/offline lectures in schools and colleges. To create awareness about Our Indian Healthcare system – one of the most effective and holistic, evidence-based medicine called Ayurveda. Ayurveda is just not a medicine path, it is the art of living a beautiful life.

With the time being, I started social media awareness campaigns for common people and Ayurveda students through my Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook pages. I have many plans pipelined for the growth of our business. Soon we are going to a registered private limited organization as ShreeArogyam Ayurveda.

I don’t differentiate between a startup and a job. But I strongly believe, your startup gives you your own identity in society and the corporate world. Your startup reflects your personality, thinking, innovative perspective, and passionate motive. So I think start-up is a very much better option for the upcoming generation, it provides a great platform to express their innovative mindset and showcase their ideas in the real open world.

Message to The Youth

Start working on your dreams startup and do your job with perfection, dedicate yourself to your goal, be compassionate, be a dreamer, be hardworking and do what you love and love what you are doing first. Don’t put yourself down, just step back and rebound yourself to your goal and achieve that shining star.

– Dr. Kedar Joshi


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