What Can Nature Teach Us About Life ?

Amazing Life Lessons We should Learn From Nature !

Since a human baby is born it not only learns from parents, elder siblings and the teacher but from all the actions and events occurring in his surroundings. All living organisms – humans, animals, and plants learn from their surroundings. All the periodic or sudden events taking place in NATURE teach us a lot about things. If we look around, we might find answers to all our questions from nature itself.

Let us see what values nature teaches us –

Time is never the same

We see the sunrise up high in the sky and as the day passes on, it sets again. No circumstances or events stop the sun to rise and fall. Similarly, if we see we might have certain difficulties and sorrows in our lives but we need to understand one thing- with the rising sun all the darkness in our life vanishes with time. No pain no sorrow will stay forever. All we need to do is have faith in ourselves and our actions. It will never happen that we will face bad results for our good deeds.Remember –



Can you imagine a polar bear with no fur or a fish with a nose and a camel with no hump.If this happens animals who have distinct features would no longer survive. Fish has to breathe through water and needs gills to survive. The polar bear needs thick fur to protect from extreme cold. And the camel needs hump to store food in the desert.

This teaches us that we should always adjust with the changes occurring. Not only adjust but accept it and work accordingly. What if you have to work on a project with a person you are not fond of… will you try to know the person? Will you figure out and plan on how you both can work together irrespective of your differences? If yes, then you are indeed adaptive. You must have seen birds migrate when the season changes, because they have find suitable place to survive . Adaptive people can survive, work, and win in any circumstances. Change in place, people or situation will never affect their performances.

Power of teamwork:

Have you ever seen a honey bee buzzing around ?… No honey bees work in a team. They divide the task and work in collaboration. Whatever problems they face, they always fight with the situation together as a team. This teaches us the true power of teamwork. Teamwork not only minimizes the individual workload but also doubles the speed to finish the task.
Have you ever observed the ants? they work together in a team, store the food for the entire winter. they do not discriminate against each other based on their capabilities to do work.
This is the message to the entire society that they lies power in unity. If we keep discriminating against each other based on caste, creed, gender or religion we will fall. Very well-said –


Beauty in Simplicity:

This is indeed the best teaching of mother nature. No lamps, no colorful lanterns, no glitters and yet so beautiful mother nature is, that you cannot take off your eyes .

“Peep outside the window, look at the sunrise, and the blooming flowers, feel the cold breeze and the wind rustling by, enjoy the birds chirping and the lion roaring!


This teaches us that beauty lies in simplicity. Cloths, accessories, and makeup do not define our eternal beauty that resides within our heart. How polite we are to others, kindness and helpful nature defines our beauty.

Mother nature has always amused us with it’s wonders and taught values that we all should inculcate in our lives. Every event in nature happens for a reason and it has a moral behind it. We just have to understand the message that mother nature wants to give us.

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