5 Simple Hair Care Tips | Mistakes Men Need to STOP!! Doing

Basic Hair Care Tips Everyone Should Know..

Hair are the most ignored part .We generally tend not to care for it and they are unnoticed until some major problem like hair loss or hair thinning happens. If your hair is not healthy or if it’s damaged and neglected you will never get the hairstyle that you want which makes you look attractive so, here are 5 mistakes you need to stop doing.

 1. Washing hair enough.

                You constantly touch your hair with the hands which probably get dirty through the day leaving all the dirt and dust in your hair upon all the product that you have used it is necessary to wash your hair on a daily basis as all the product build-up is causing major problem to your scalp. Shampooing helps to remove any unnecessary oils and dirt in your hair and cleanse your scalp clean. You might would have heard of shampooing can damage your hair if done often, but not washing your hair enough which is just as damaging. Washing your hair on a regular bases will solve the problem of hair loss and maintain hygiene.

2. Ignoring hair loss.

                Hair loss is one of the common problems then you think, 2 or 3 men suffers hair loss which leads to baldness by the age of 35. And hair loss is evident every single day, either you will see extra hair in the shower or when you brush your hair and even when you run your hand through them, and most men try to ignore them and act like it’s not even there. Most of the time hair loss is genetic and can be treated with a proper doctor care .But the other time it’s just not taking proper care of your hair. You can use coconut oil at least twice a week to give your hair that strength they need. 

3. Blowdryer is too hot.

                Burning your hair with a hair dryer on its top heat setting just to achieve the volume to get a hair style you want is not worth it, applying unnecessary heat to your hair is going to fry them and will only damage them. Instead you can do is buy a heat protecting serum and apply before blow drying or straightening, this will do is act as a protecting layer to protect your hair from any heat damage. Using a lot of heat on your hair has a long-term effect tending to major hair loss or even baldness.

4. Sleeping with wet hair.

                Sleeping with wet hair is just as damaging as using heat. Most of you guys take night shower and get on bed with that socking wet hair. The problem is the when you twist and turn in sleep which does is increase friction in your hair follicles and cause them to break. Your hairs are at the weakest state when they are wet . This cause hair loss and tangled hairs. To avoid this problem, dry your hair naturally or blow dry with a low heat.

5. Not taking care of your scalp.

                Most of the people think that hair care is just about the hair except they forget about the scalp. In fact, the scalp is the base the root of your hair, if your scalp is healthy your hair is healthy. The best way to take care of your scalp is to apply some sort of oil or moisturizer, this not only covers and protects your hair but also act as a heat protector and nourishing your hair. If you don’t apply oil to your scalp on regular bases you can face problems like dandruff which is caused because of dried scalp, or hair loss.

                So, guys here were 5 mistakes that you were doing which you need to stop to protect your hair and maintain them.

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