Entrepreneurship – BE YOUR OWN BOSS !

Entrepreneurship As a Career Choice …

Are you a businessman?

Or you are an entrepreneur?

What exactly is entrepreneurship?

Is it same as business?

You might be wondering why some people are called ‘Businessman’ and some as ‘Entrepreneur’. Let’s know who exactly is an entrepreneur and how it is different from businessmen.

To build and run business that has some innovative idea is called Entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneur has the ability similar to a businessman. He can develop, create organize and run an enterprise but what makes an entrepreneur outstand is his ability to innovate.Yes, The person who has a social conscience and who runs business with an innovative idea is called an entrepreneur .Ideas that comes with a motto to have a positive impact on society, country or nation.

The person who takes calculated risk for his journey from idea to enterprise by keeping in mind its impact on the audience is the entrepreneur.

For better understanding, let’s say a person who brings in a new innovative idea to build his venture or enterprise replacing the old existing service or product is called an Entrepreneur.

What are the qualities one needs to become an entrepreneur?

  1. Risk Taker: The journey from an idea to enterprise involves difficulties and sometimes failure too. Even if you are confident enough about your idea you might face difficulties. An entrepreneur is a person who takes a risk but a calculated one and does not lose hope even after failure.
  2. Leadership: To build a successful venture lot of expertise is required in different domains may it be manufacturing, designing, or marketing. This is not a job that one person to look for. With a well-equipped team, one can make it the journey easy. To become an entrepreneur it is a must to have good leadership skills. He should be able to work in sync with his co-workers and as a good leader should be able to understand their views and opinion.
  3. Adaptive and Flexibility: In the journey of building your enterprise you may need to work in an environment you are not comfortable with or work with people you don’t like. But the one who chooses to step out of his comfort zone and cope up with changes becomes an entrepreneur.
  4. Creativity: This is the most important quality to become an entrepreneur. A person with his creative skill can have innovative ideas for his enterprise.

What is the need for entrepreneurship?

  • Employment– An entrepreneur is responsible for job creation. Building the business and creating job opportunities for everyone is the responsibility of an entrepreneur.
  • Leverage the living of standard of society: An entrepreneur creates job opportunities for people and provides them with stable capital. This improves their living standards as good income increases the rate of affordable. Buying more than what is required also becomes possible .with fulfillment of assets affording for liabilities also becomes easy.
  • You are your own boss: When you work as an employee for some other organization you are bound to follow schedule and work pattern set by higher authorities in the organization. But on the other hand, when you have your own enterprise you have the freedom to choose the time, workflow, and working pattern. You can make your own choices and be your own boss.
  • Boost to your management skills: You may or may not be from the management stream. But as you run your own enterprise you have to look after multiple sectors like human resource management, marketing, money management, time management. And entrepreneurship gives you on field real-time experience which is more valuable than what a student from a management background learns in his entire academic year.

All You Need Is To Have Faith In Yourself And Your Idea!
Invest Your Energy In Right Direction And
Without Loosing Hopes , After Failures You Will Achieve Want You Deserve ..


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