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Here’s the deal, sometimes we ought to wear certain clothing item that we imagine looks great on us and we are rocking it, but its actually the opposite we don’t look cool in it at all. If you can relate to this problem here are 7 things that look horrible on you!!

1. Beanies (cap)

                The thing about beanies is that they squeeze your head to your natural head shape making you look like an egg head! If your head shape is not bounce and proportional you should stay away from this caps that are making you look ugly. Also, when you wear them for a longer period of time your hair volume is reduced, just like our skin our hair need to breath too. And by wearing that beanie cap you are taking it all down.

2. Glasses that are too small

                We know popstar glasses are trending or you want to wear the circular frame and they make you look like an artist, but if the legs of the glasses are flaring out when you put them on, yeah! You got a big head you have to accept that fact and instead you want to throw those glasses and buy the glasses that are as wide as you head shape this way the frames are going to structure your face,

The legs are parallel to your head and won’t stick out make it look better instead of more horrible. The trick here is don’t focus on the shape but focus on the temple width. That way you will get glasses that fit your face shape perfectly. And will look attractive when you wear it.

3. Rubber watches

                The fact about rubber belt watches is that they cheapen your outfit. Instead invest on leather belt watches or metals strip belt watches they make perfect fit and looks luxuries and elegant on any hand any day. Leather belts not only matches with any outfit but you can match your shoes color with them and that is essential in fashion, wear it elevate your outfit and that is what a watch should do rather than making you look horrible, also leather watches are more durable then plastic or rubber watches.

4.  Shorts that go past your knees

                You already know 5.5 inches is the move! When you pair them with high tube socks and some athletic sneakers now you look more cooler than a ¾ size sorts. In fact, shorts that go past you’re a knee aren’t considered as shorts. Shorts with the perfect size and fit are perfect and comfortable they not only make your thigh look muscular but also paired with a crew neck or a hoodie makes a fashion statement.

5. That old haircut

                Anything over three weeks old haircut looks horrible you look nappy. On an average you should freshen up your haircut every 2 weeks. And if you can’t afford it its fine! There are a million of videos on YouTube that shows how to cut your won hair like professionals. Having that monotonous haircut all the time is not only stopping you from trying out trendy haircuts but also making you look ugly every time you get it. Step out of your comfort zone and try some trendy haircut according to your face shape. Having a haircut according your face shape is the key to nail a haircut.

6. Wrinkled clothing

                That just looks tacky and low effort, that makes any one look horrible and unpleasant and wearing wrinkled cloths not only makes you look unpresentable but also gives out vibe that you are lazy and sloppy. The solution here is invest in a steamer. They are cheap easy to use and the fact that they keep your cloths in their shape and their fabric protected. Making your cloths as good as new to wear. A good steamer or iron is a best investment for your wardrobe

7. Jumbled shoes

                They just look messed, no mater how much expensive your shoes or how good your outfit looks with them it just isn’t good. If your shoes are untied or just the jumbled mess with your laces it looks unclean it looks that you forgot that last detail. The solution is bar lacing, bar lacing with your shoes jut looks ultra-modern, sleek and clean and makes your outfit look put together.

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