Scientific Reason Behind Fasting…

Do you know why the people in ancient time and even today do fasting?? Is it really because of the belief god bless people who do fasting…

Let us know the real fact behind fasting…

Fasting is the considered to be the best to practice during ill health. It has a great importance in every religion. There lies a specific reason behind this practice. During fasting our body encounter reduce in amount of water. When we do fasting body does not has usual access to glucose. As a result body becomes gluconeogenesis .It is a natural process of producing natural sugar .Our digestive system goes into rest phase.

We keep grains in sunlight when we encounter pests growing over it but have you ever kept rice in sunlight? No… If we do so rice gets spoiled and easily get crushed.

During Ekadashi – that is 11 day of lunar month which occurs twice in a month there are two Ekadashi – one occur in Shuklapaksha and other is krishnapaksha . As compared to other days sunlight on this day is almost perpendicular and so the amount of heat reaching us is maximum if me consume rice on this day it might react with the sunlight and cause disturbance t our digestive system. So it is recommended not to consume rice on ekadashi. It will have negative effects on our body.

Civilizations flourished on the bank of the river where cultivation of crops like rice was very easy as plenty of water was available. And this was the reason why rice became staple diet for all.

If it was recommended to people to not to eat rice on ekadashi because of this scientific reason there was a possibility they might not have believe the fact. Hence the ancient sages made people to believe that they would be blessed by god if they do not eat and do fasting during the period of ekadhi. This was to avoid people to suffer from negative effects.

It is very true that fasting cures more than 50 % disorder of our stomach. Fasting causes the body undergo mild stress, making the  cells to adapt by enhancing their ability to cope. It improves blood sugar control, control heart health, brain function and prevents from cancer, it also helps in weight loss.

Fasting improves our digestive system by throwing out toxic substances out of the body I helps to clean and detoxify body going rest to its vital organs.

  • Boost cognitive performance
  • Protect from obesity and associated chronic diseases
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve overall fitness
  • Support weight loss
  • Decrease the risk of metabolic diseases

Many of the ancient beliefs and practices have a scientific reason behind it. We blindly follow these beliefs and do not try to know the actual reason behind it. As generation are passing on the practices and beliefs are getting shaped according to one’s comfort and the real fact behind it remain un reviled.


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