How To Find Your Personal Style…| 5 Cool Fashion tips

Finding one’s personal style is a problem everyone faces these days, as every body wants too look cool in every sense possible. Some go out of there comfort zone while some stay in it and it okay for both to do so, but having a good sense of personal style is a must. Well here are 5 fashion tips that will make you more fashionable…

1.  Comfy but confident

You need to find the right balance between comfort and confidence, when you wear clothing trend make sure that it is comforting, but at the same time make sure it fits your body and not being oversize. By doing this it will not only make you more stylish but also contented. When people are comfortable with there personal style, they’re more confident — which makes them nicer and happier, Finding cloths that are comfortable makes it easy for you to adapt the new trends. This will ensure that you are exploring and finding your personal style.

2.  Invest into trends

New trends are not your enemy! You have to understand that when you use them right, they are just a best way to explore your styles and expand it and to check if they suit you and make you feel confident when you wear it and if so, there is a great way to expand your personal style. The main part is that new trends keep coming up giving you a lot of choices to choose from, by doing this you will find cloths that will fit you well. It a great way to explore and develop your style.

3.  Get the basics of style down

You see trends are good enough to make your outfit look dated, but you need to understand the basis first the proportions the fits and colours what matches your skin type and what doesn’t. Go to your closet! and check whether you have your basics clothing, like a white tee, a pair of blue jeans, a basic white shoes and experiment with them and composing them with each other will not only gives you idea of how to style basic cloths but also help you understand the complex trends and to choose what fits you better, make sure they look good and then proceed. Doing this will make you style reach the top.

4.  Push yourself

Here is the deal when you keep using the same type of clothes it becomes your comfort zone and you keep on buying the same style of cloth or the same pattern. This way your style will be outdated and you will never grow in terms of trend. Pushing that boundary away and stepping out of your comfort zone can help you experiment with new trends of cloths this will help you explore more. Remember personal style is person and only unique to you. So, try as many style trends as you can.

5.  Zero in on your Niche

Now that you have followed the above steps, you have finally achieved niche. By achieving the above steps, you can develop a sense of good style. And now you can find the niche that works with you and suits your life style. But even more important than that you can find the niche that gives you comfort and confidence in whatever you wear.


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