A Colorful Melody- “Your Lie In April”

Welcome!  This  particular  blog  will  be  on  the  topic  of  anime, specifically:  Your  Lie  in April.  Your  Lie  in  April,  also  known  as Shigatsu  wa  Kimi  no  Uso,  is  a  romance-music  genre  anime.

With  22  episodes,  Your  Lie  in  April  displays  the  musical journey  of  Kousei  Arima,  a piano  prodigy  since  a  young  age. As  a  child,  he  showed  natural  talent  for  the  piano, and  was taught  by  his  mother,  a  well  known  pianist.

Everyday,  he  played  the  piano  and  as  he competed  in  competitions  and  won awards,  his  mother’s  health  had  begun  to decline.  Child  Kousei  didn’t  have  much free  time  to  do  things  he  wanted,  and his  childhood  friend,  Tsubaki,  always wanted  to  play  with  him.  Even  though  he was  constantly  practicing  to  his mother’s  liking,  she  continuously criticized  his  playing  and  eventually  even physically  beat  him  for  his  mistakes.

This  got  Kousei  to  go  as  far  as  yelling at  his  mother,  wishing  she  would  just  die already.  This  created  a  crack  between him  and  his  mother,  and  after  a  few weeks,  she died  of  her  illness.  After  her  death,  Kousei  couldn’t  hear  the sound  of  a  playing  piano,  as  if  his  ears  were  muffled  in  the  deep  depths of  the  ocean.  At  piano  competitions,  he  could  feel  his  mother’s  dark, shadowy  presence,  as  if  she  was  haunting  him.  At  that  point,  he  quit playing  the  piano,  and  gave  up  going  to  piano  competitions.  His  life became  dull,  but  then  he  met  Kaori  Miyazono  through  Tsubaki,  and  she showed  him  a  world  so  colorful  that  his  palette  began  to  take  color. And  Kaori  began  Kousei’s  path  back  on  to  welcoming  the  piano  back warmly,  and  importantly  with  no  remorse.

A  little  review  on  it,  I  had  absolutely  loved  watching  Your  Lie  in  April!

The  ending  was  also  great,  but  I  can’t  say  much  more  about  it without  spoiling.  The  symbolism  shown  in  Your  Lie  in  April’s  opening and  throughout  the  entire  anime  is  fascinating.  A  link  of  the article  featuring  the  symbolism  will  be  provided  below:

The  anime  also  has  such  a  strong  grip  on  music  and  how  it  can  be played.  You  can  play  a  song  with  sorrow,  love,  determination,  and many  other  emotions  can  be  interpreted.  Kaori  plays  the  violin with  such  compassion  and  emotion,  and  she  helps  Kousei  to  play the  piano  again.  She  is  one  of  the  most  important  characters  in the  show,  as  she  leaves  an  imprint  on  everyone  she  meets.

This  particular  anime  has  a  very  special  place  inside  my  heart,  being my  very  first  anime  I’ve  watched!!  (Not  counting  Pokémon  haha) It’s  been  around  2  years  since  I’ve  first  watched  it,  but  it’s  still among  my  most  favorite  anime,  along  with  Violet  Evergarden  and others.  And  despite  being  a  bit  short,  Your  Lie  in  April  has  even encouraged  me  to  excel  more  at  both  the  violin  and  piano  (I  played both  before  watching  the  anime)!  And  now  whenever  I  play  either of  those  instruments,  I  vividly  remember  Kaori  and  Kousei’s musical  journey.

To  wrap  it  up  with  some  more  information,  the  anime  adaptation  was adapted  by  the  studio  A-1  Pictures.  The  show  aired  from  October 2014  to  March  2015,  and  the  manga  from  April  2011  to  February 2015  with  11  volumes  in  total.

Coinenidencally,  it’s  also  Your  Lie  in  April’s  6th  year  anniversary (10-10-2020)!

Thank  you  for  reaching  the  end  of  my  very  first  blog!  It’s  a  bit rough,  but  I  hope  to  improve  much  more  in  the  future! Until  we  meet  again,  see  everyone  in  the  next  one!


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