To 4 Ways To Earn Money Online

Are you finding ways to earn money online?

Here are few legitimate ways of earning money online…


Blogging can help you make money online. However it depend on how much time you dedicatedly spend on it. If you choose to work as a full time blogger it will certainly help you to earn good. Blogging is not just about content sharing with content generation you have to take care of certain aspect such as niche, platform to post blog on, keywords, Search engine optimization (SEO) to generate quality and quantity traffic to reach your blog post. Know some blogger and their earing experiences.

There are almost 6000 million bloggers over internet.  If you are finding an alternative way of earning money sitting at home blogging will be one of the best option to choose.


Freelancing is termed as self-employment. Freelancer – person who is self-employed, offers service and not necessarily committed to one organization. A freelancer has a freedom to work for multiple client at a time. Earning through freelancing is usually like money on a per job basis. You can charge based on daily work done or hours you spend on working.

Freelancing is usually a short term work. You need to find your net client once you finish with the ongoing service.


Earning commission by promoting other’s product or service is termed as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing –

You have a product to sell and you offer incentive to the promoters for the promotion of your product or if you do not have product and want to earn money you can promote other’s product”

Big companies like Amazon, apple, Google have their affiliate programs and are free to join.

You can earn enough money every month with affiliate marketing but it might take time. With proper planning and execution you will surely earn good.


If you are good at problem solving and help people with finest solution to their problems you are a consultant!

If you are expert in any field or have good knowledge of any domain and people approach you for your guidance then you can possibly earn with the job of consulting.  People seek to have consultant for finance, HR management, business, education etc…

Having good communication skills is a boon for the job of consultancy. If you have skills nothing is stopping you, you can definitely earn from consulting people.

There are number of ways to build your income stream online. All you need to find what your interest is and with proper planning anything is possible. You might find many success stories of people who earn enough money online. Get inspired and you will surely have your own success story.


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