In the late 18th century mechanical production facilities came into existence with the invention of water and steam powered machines. These machines could help the person with the mass production of products. And this is how industry 1.0 started. This helped man to spend less on man power needed for manufacturing the products.

(Steam engine invented in 1698 was a revolution in transport industry)

The Second technological revolution introduced production with the assistance of wattage within the 19th century i.e. electricity and line production.The foremost exciting electrical invention was the battery. The battery could produce current for certified time which helped in many other discoveries and inventions.Further it had been the means to supply power for the telegraph and telephone industry.

Further industry 3.0 was an enormous leap ahead wherein the arrival of computer and automation ruled the industry. It absolutely was during this era of transformation where robots came into existence to perform the tasks which were performed by humans. E.g. Use of Programmable Logic Controllers, Robots etc.

Now Industry 4.0 is that the digital transformation that led to value creation processes. When computers were introduced in Industry 3.0, it was boon in addition of an entirely new technology. Now, and in the future computers are connected in a wide area network and communicate with one another to ultimately make decisions without human involvement. Industry 4.0 is a combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems.

(The entire world is connected via web network over internet)

(The entire world is connected via web network over internet)

We are experiencing a wide range of new technologies that combine the physical, digital and biological worlds. These new technologies have great impact over different fields from manufacturing to healthcare and entertainment and many more through automation. These technologies continues to connect more and more people to the web.

There are hundreds of concepts and terms that came in picture with the emergence of industry 4.0.

  1. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
  2. IOT
  3. Big Data
  4. M2M
  5. Digitization
  6. Smart Factory
  7. Machine learning
  8. Cloud Computing
  9. Real time Data Processing
  10. Cyber – Physical System…etc

Industry 4.0 connects physical world with digital world, and allowing for better collaboration and overseas.  Industry 4.0 not only as technology benefits but it also empowers business owners to better control and understand every aspect of their operation, and allows them to leverage instant data or raw material to boost productivity through service or production, scrutinize processes and boost growth.


Industry after every revolution has exhibited and enclucated the changes with an ease. Every industrial change has proven to be best in terms of boosting the services. Industry 4.0 focused more on data creation but the next industrial revolution will be more on how this data will can be used to increase collaboration between human and smart technologies. It will focus on user data to understand the market need and accordingly build the market.


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