“Indian Dumplings – MODAK”


What’s Special This Ganesh Chathurti !

May it be any festival that is celebrated by people from different country, state or religion, the purpose remains same…

To come together, share happiness and joy, embrace each other, clean and decorated our homes and wear new cloths. This is how we have been celebrating festivals since years. But the most awaited thing is – “The Food”. We all are fond of eating variety of food – sweet, sour, spicy…

On the occasion of every festival there is something special that is served on the table. Right from Diwali to Oanam, Eid to Pongal or Christmas there is always a special food item that been is cooked.

Today we will see – what is the special food is offered to lord Ganesh on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for a span 10 days. This celebration is incomplete without modaks topped with a drizzle of ghee and saffron/Kesar.

Modak has different name in different states it is called Kozhakattai in Tamil, Modhaka or Kadubu in Kannada, and Kudumu in Telugu. Modak as a sweet dish is most popular in Maharashtra, specially cooked and offered during Ganesh Chathurthi. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha loves his devotees, who are fond of eating sweets. Modaks are one of his favourite sweets.

And therefore Ganesha is known as Modakpriya- one who love modaks.

Modak recipe


– 1 cup water

– 2 tsp. ghee

– 1 cup coconut (grated)

– 1 cup jiggery

– A pinch of nutmeg

– A pinch of saffron


Heat the pan and add the grated coconut and jiggery. Stir for around five minutes and then add nutmeg and saffron.

Mix well .Cook for another 5 min and keep it aside .Take water and ghee and boil it in a deep dish after proper mixing add flour to it.

Cover the dish properly. Cook till its half-done Add 2 tsp. of ghee on the base of a steel bowl and knead it well.

Take dough and roll it into a small balls. Flatten the dough into a mould or you can make a flower shaped pattern without using mould.

Now add the filling to the dough. Note that over stuffed modak may break. Stuff the dough with spoonful of filling.

 Place the small uncooked modaks (dumplings) in a cloths (muslin) and stem for 15 minutes.

You can use a pressure cooker or a shallow pot. If you prefer to deep fry the dumplings will do.

Modaks are ready to serve hot!

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