If You Don’t Have These 8 things, You Aren’t Stylish !

What you really need are stylish items that will improve your quality of life, which can make you form a simple unnoticed guy to an attractive and confident man. some of the basic items ever guy must have are listed, and here are a few must have essentials to make you more stylish …


One of the most basic things a man could own is a quality white t-shirt and a shirt of a perfect size and fit, it is a good throw-on item it not only enhances your look but instantly makes you look attractive and stylish, it act as a layering foundation in winter and will match with anything you own from a navy blazer to a chunky shawl collared cardigan and with any type of jeans, chinos and shorts.


A good alternative to jeans and a suit trousers if you don’t want to wear those is a simple navy chino, are ideal for both summer and winter seasons.  They are comfortable, not too tight, and have some stretch. Chinos can be easily styled with a white shirt, t-shirt, a jacket-t-shirt, a bomber jacket and many ways to combinate. They’re an incredible deal. And make you stylish.


A denim jacket is an excellent option for many outfits. The garment is perfect for adding a simple yet stylish finishing touch to an array of looks. It is comfortable, convenient, and easy to care for. It can be easily used as a stylish layering piece. It does not show stains adversely. It breathes well and can be worn in any type of weather. The must have basic shades are blue hue and black.


What chinos won’t do and you want something a little more casual yet stylish, you can’t go wrong rocking out a pair of slim, dark denim. The jeans can be worn to college and go out places. Plus, pairing jeans with other items is easy. It feels comfortable, light weight and breathable, most of all it doesn’t feel boring. A good pair of jeans are a must have wardrobe essential to make you stylish.


When it comes to formal occasions nothing is as reliable as a perfectly tailored suit. It makes you look like a gentleman and adds a good and confident vibe to your personality. With just the right accessories a suit is just the complement your body needs. Every guy should have a perfect tailored suit as it comes handy no matter what the occasion is you wan always rock it and be stylish.


Every guy must have a pair of crisp white sneakers/trainers in their wardrobe. It has always been a menswear essential. From suits to joggers and jeans, a pair of sneakers/trainers will look good and stylish with just anything due to their subtle yet minimalistic aesthetic. A quality sneaker is just what you need. its is a must have wardrobe essential for every guy.


What is a better footwear then a pair of leather black dress shoes? It instantly enhances your outfit no matter how basic it is and makes it looks classy. Get yourself a pair of minimal cap toe lace-ups, even if you go to work, meet partners or attend events, it is appropriate. It also elevates and make you outfit stylish.


A man without accessories just looks like a night without the moon. One must stylish accessories according to the occasion as it makes you look attractive instantly. A simple bracelet, a watch, a necklace and a few rings can take your outfit up a level.

tips to find your style…..


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