Chicken Bharta

Also called as Chicken Mosdeng

Chicken Bharta/ Chicken Mosdeng is a popular Tripura cuisine in which Chicken is the key ingredient and apart from that, only minimal ingredients required to prepare this delicious salad. Traditionally it is prepared with Pork but here I have used Chicken.


Chicken – 750gms

Onions – 3 – 4 med (Sliced)

Green Chilies – 20 – 25 (hot ones)

Ginger – 3 – 4 inch long

Coriander Leaves (chopped)

Oil – 1 tbsp.




  • Add the chicken Pieces to a pressure Cooker along with a piece of ginger, 4 – 5 green chilies, salt and water, Cook until 2 – 3 whistles.
  • Strain the chicken, let it cool, and then roughly shred the chicken pieces
  • Dry roast the remaining green chilies
  • (Traditionally a lot of green chilies is used in this recipe but you can adjust the quantity depending on your spice tolerance)
  • Roast the Green chilies until they turn black in color
  • Coarsely grind the roasted chilies, few pieces of Ginger and couple of Garlic cloves together
  • Without turning on the heat, add the shredded chicken, sliced onions, ginger – chili mix and salt to a pan and drizzle some oil
  • Give a good mix
  • Add the chopped Coriander leaves and mix again
  • Turn on the heat now, Cover and cook in low flame for 5 minutes
  • Chicken Bharta is ready to be served.


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