Amazing Facts About Butterfly

Where ever you see a butterfly what’s your first reaction, do you run behind it to catch ?? Wonder how colourful it is … 

The most beautiful insect among all is the butterfly. If you see the butterflies exists in more than 100 colours . Isn’t it fascinating. But there are more interesting facts to grasp about butterfly.

Have you ever observed a butterfly that closely to understand the actual fact I’ve listed below? Do let me know within the comment section…

How many Species of butterfly do really exists?

There are quite 17,500 recorded butterfly species

Why so colourful?

Butterflies have tiny small scales, when every light falls on then they reflect back the colour. But what’s more interesting is – the sunshine falling on the scales and also the light that gets reflected are different… wow isn’t it an incredible fact. Hence we are able to say that butterfly wings deviate colours…

How do they taste their food?

We as humans have our taste receptors on our tongue .But what about the butterflies?? Receptors to taste the food are present on the feet of Butterflies. Butterflies don’t really have mouths, but to assist them decide if food tastes good or bad they make the use of their feet.

What diet they consume?

Butterfly cannot chew their food they need modified mouth parts to kill liquid food. They take advantage of the nectar that they collect form flowers. They have a tongue like structure called proboscis. Its function is to suck the nectar from the flower like a  straw. Whatever food they eat liquid or semi liquid they suck it through proboscis. Butterflies Drink from Muddy Puddles It need minerals as a part of supplementary diet it sip from mud and this behaviour of butterfly is called peddling.

Body Temperature

Butterflies are cold blooded naturally. Ideally they have 85 degrees Fahrenheit to fly. They’re unable to quickly adjust to the surrounding temperature. And so if temperature collapse and the surrounding becomes cold it becomes difficult for them to fly or raise high within the air

Life span

Life span of a butterfly iis not more than 3 to 4 weeks. For its entire life is concentrate on 2 activates food and mating. The life cycle of butterfly starts from an egg . then larva hatches and then the caterpillar comes out of it’s egg . Caterpillar then looses its skin and grow bigger n bigger in size to form pupa. And Finally turns into beautifly young butterfly.


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